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Traceability encompasses a broad set of functions with the food and beverage industry:

  1. Tracking ingredients through the supply chain (from farm to fork)
  2. Controlling costs
  3. Quality assurance and recall management
  4. Industry compliance

In order to facilitate traceability, it's important to select a software application that fully integrates all aspects of your business so that data can be entered, tracked and managed in one system.

As much as possible, you'll want to automate your processes in order to save time and reduce errors.

Listen to Don McCall from G.L. Mezetta explain how Macola has helped his business.

"In one department, we dropped four hours every day in one task, and that's really just by using workflows and document management."

- Don McCall, Director IT, G.L. Mezzetta, Inc.

More About Macola Software

Macola 10 is the next evolution in ERP software - all functionality is included from the basic ERP functionality to Account Management (CRM), Human Resources (HRM), Document Management and Quality Management. Use what you need now and grow into greater functionality when you're ready.

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About Harvest Ventures

Harvest Ventures Inc. is a Gold status Macola software reseller who sells and supports all Exact ERP software and related third party products. Our clients are located throughout North America in industries spanning manufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution, as well as service-based industries. With consulting and development staff located in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and the United States, Harvest’s team of professionals offer a complete solution to clients centered around the award-winning Exact Macola 10 ERP software. Learn More >> 


About WiSys

WiSys Warehouse Management System integrates seamlessly with Macola software. WiSys uses barcodes and mobile scanners real-time lot tracking and reporting providing you with traceability from farm to fork. Learn More >>


About Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies provides the hardward (barcode scanners and printers) to work with Macola and WiSYS software for a complete turnkey ERP and Warehouse Management solution Learn More >>